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Passionate about Peace and Justice, 

Creative about Prayer, Joyful about Tradition

We are a diverse, welcoming, and spiritual community 

We work hard for social justice

We care deeply about our young families and treasure our elders  

We love to sing and dance and be together

Are you:
Someone who thought they could not afford to join a temple?
Someone who grew up dreading going to temple and wants something better for your children….. and yourself?
New in town and looking for other Jewish people?
A non-Jew raising Jewish children?
Someone who found out that you are Jewish on your father’s side and that makes so much sense?
A long-term Santa Cruz resident who never was a Temple member but has heard lately that interesting things are happening at TBE?
Someone who feels that they don’t fit the standard idea of what a Jewish person looks like?
Whether you are Jewish, Jew-adjacent, Jew-curious, or Jew-"ish"
contact Melissa to talk about it

Sun, September 19 2021 13 Tishrei 5782