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NEW THIS YEAR! Jewish Educational Interns in Training (JEIT)TEEN INTERNSHIP PROGRAM


Teens  8th-12th grades How can we involve our Jewish Educational Interns in Training (JEIT) in the classroom to help facilitate their growth and role in our Temple school and Jewish Community? As we strive for excellence, we are building this leadership training program together with our teens. This program gives our teens an  opportunity  to learn and reflect on their own leadership roles and skills.

Teen Involvement - JEIT students will assist in the Sunday morning classes as well as meet outside of class once a month for one hour on a Sunday afternoon, together with our SRFY Youth advisor Shannon Kochanek and Sarah to discuss different topics on a monthly basis. Some of these topics include effective communication, problem- solving, behavior management, self-advocacy, inclusion, interactive games with students, and text study. JEIT will reflect on how their learning in these seminars affects their practice (or what they notice about others’ practice) in the classroom. There will be time for reflection on their experiences as well as time to meet with the other teen assistants. Students will help develop the curriculum as we move forward each month. We will take as many Jewish Educational Interns in Training as we have room for in our classrooms (7 to start, 1 to assist per grade K-6). Some JEI/JEIT will work with the current 7th graders on their prayers and blessings and assist on Wednesday evenings.  This project involves our teen youth and will occur online, in person, and/or a hybrid model.

Teens will continue being awesome role models, fulfilling the roles of assisting teachers and interacting with students. Teens will  accrue community service hours. Teens will commit to assisting in Sunday morning classes (20 per year)  and commit to monthly Sunday afternoon one hour seminar sessions (9 per year). Calendar dates will be distributed in advance and in the near future. On the initial meeting date, teens will identify priority topics within the broad frame of leadership development that they want to learn from being a Jewish Educational Intern in Training. New (first year) Jewish Educational Interns in Training (JEIT) in 2021-2022 will pay a fee of  $200 for the year. JEIT are required to fill out an application and need to be interviewed as well commit to participating in the program.

Returning JEI (who worked with us this past year 2020-21 and apply again for this year 2021-2022 will have priority application (and will receive gift cards as payment $50 in December and $50 in June.)  

Jewish Educational Interns in Training—Teen Leadership Training

  • Facilitating games and fun activities, 5-minute fillers, songs to sing in the hallway (transition times)
  • Positive language for the classroom—how to redirect, give compliments, and motivate a child in appropriate ways
  • Staying a few steps ahead: what are the holidays and traditions about?
  • Appropriate work behavior & communication—modeling positive behavior, not talking to other kids/parents about students in your classroom, good communication with your teacher and parents
  • Kids with special needs – working with kids with anxiety
  • 5 best ways to manage challenging behaviors in the classroom

What do JEIT do?   Work in our classrooms as assistants to teachers in Hebrew, Judaics, or Arts,  or assist students with special needs. Learn together in our monthly teen leadership program. JEIT will write brief reflections about working with younger students and their experiences in the classroom. Help create a more fun, friendly, and successful environment for our Temple School K- 6 students!

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Sun, June 13 2021 3 Tammuz 5781