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Jewish Educational Interns in Training JEIT (8th-12th)


This program gives our teens an opportunity to be involved in our Temple school and Jewish Community while developing their own leadership skills. Our Jewish Educational Interns in Training (JEIT) assist Temple School teachers in the classroom on a Sunday morning and/or Wednesday evening class. Some JEIT will work with the current 7th graders on their prayers and blessings and assist on Wednesday evenings.
Mentoring Seminar – In addition to optional meetings with their lead teacher in the classroom to develop a lesson plan, JEIT will meet outside of class once monthly.  In these sessions, JEIT will explore effective communication, problem-solving, behavior management, self-advocacy, inclusion, using interactive games in the classroom, text study, and more. There will be time for reflection on their classroom experiences as well as time to bond with the other teen assistants. Students will help develop their seminar curriculum as we move forward each month.
Who can be a JEIT? Teens who have completed their b’nai mitzvah can apply to become JEIT. We will take as many Jewish educational Interns in Training as we have room for in our classrooms. We are looking for teens who are able to take on the responsibility of being an awesome role model, fulfilling the roles of assisting teachers, and interacting positively with students. JEIT will receive a JEIT calendar and must commit to assisting 20 Temple School classes per year and attending all scheduled monthly meetings. JEIT are expected to communicate if illness or an important conflict arises. JEIT will accrue community service hours.
Pricing of JEI Program
The JEIT (in training) program cost is $300 unless you are already registered for Wednesday Hebrew High program as that fee covers JEIT training costs. If you have been a JEIT and moved into JEI and are no longer in training we welcome you with no cost. This is a case by case basis depending on where a student is at in the training program. 
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