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Reform Judaism

Temple Beth El is a member of the Union of Reform Judaism (URJ). Reform Judaism offers affiliation to Jews who traditionally have not been included. We embrace a core belief in the equality of men and women in worship and leadership, and warmly welcome the participation of interfaith families. Ours is the only Jewish movement that recognizes patrilineal descent as well as matrilineal as a criterion for being Jewish.

The Reform movement ordains women rabbis and cantors, and its rabbis perform LGBT marriage ceremonies. We are pro-choice. We celebrate diversity and support the rights of all individuals and life choices.

Reform Jews form a powerful voice against antisemitism. We are determined to build bridges with members of other faiths and are passionate in our efforts to make social justice a reality.

As students committed to lifelong learning, we remain intellectually open to all possibilities and accept the ever-changing realities of modern living. As our world evolves, we evolve right along with it, unafraid of what unfolds and never compromising our spiritual integrity or core Jewish values. We experience traditional prayer through joyful, uplifting music and our worship includes a mixture of ancient and modern readings.

Fri, June 21 2024 15 Sivan 5784