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The Temple library provides information resources to support the development of Jewish values, observance and identity. The collection offers a selection of key texts in these areas, as well as access to a growing body of online resources, in support of these goals.  Work to build and organize the collection is ongoing.  If you want to help there are a number of ways you can support this work.

The library is reserved for research, study and reading on Thursdays from 3:00-5:00 PM. The collection is available at other times when the room is not being used for services, meetings or other events. Food is not permitted in the library at any time.

The library catalog is available online at  This is the best way to find out what is available and where it is shelved.  If you wish to browse, books are shelved according to subject using a new classification scheme.  Shelf edge labels indicate locations of main areas (e.g., Biography, Bible, Philosophy, Liturgy, History, Literature).

The collection is available for borrowing (with the exception of sacred books and selected reference titles) .  Temple members can borrow items for 30 days using  their email address or library card at the self-service station near the entrance.   

Please send questions or comments to

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