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Upcoming Events

Martin Luther King, Jr. Shabbat

Friday, January 17, 7:30 PM
A special Shabbat service in honor of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his work for racial equality and justice in our country. Reverend Deborah Johnson of Inner Light Ministries will deliver the sermon, local NAACP President Brenda Griffin will join us, and Emily Sinclair will conduct our choir.


Traces of the Trade • Film and Discussion
On Sunday, January 19, at 2:00 PM, we will gather together at Inner Light Ministries to watch the film Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North. This film is about the untold story of one family from Rhode Island, who were the largest operators of a network that brought over 10,000 slaves from Africa to the US.

Traces of the Trade portrays the story of discovery into the history and "living consequences" of one of the nation's most shameful episodes—slavery. Katrina Browne discovered that her slave-trading ancestors from Rhode Island were not an aberration. Rather, they were just the most prominent actors in the North's vast complicity in slavery, buried in myths of Northern innocence. ​From this extraordinary family angle, ​Traces of the Trade​ sets out to plumb contentious questions: What is the full story of the northern slave trade? What responsibility does white America bear for the past wrongs and contemporary legacy of slavery? Why is it so difficult for black and white Americans to have this conversation? Please join us at Inner Light for a viewing of the film and discussion of these and other important questions. You can watch the trailer of the film here.

“History finally gets rewritten as descendants of the largest slave-trading family in early America face their past, and present, as they explore their violent heritage across oceans and continents.”

Antisemitism and Antizionism ~ A Salon with Nathaniel Deutsch
  Wednesday, January 22, 7:00‒9:00 PM
   at the home of George Ow and Gail Michaelis-Ow

We are seeing both antisemitism and antizionism in our fraught political discourse, but they are separate entities. With his wide-ranging knowledge on this subject, Professor Deutsch will help us understand the differences between the two and how it affects us as Jews.


Jewish Residential Camp Fair

Sunday, January 26, 11:00 AM‒12:00 PM

Are you thinking about sending your child(ren) to Jewish overnight camp? Have you heard about the “One Happy Camper” scholarship program? Come and find out everything you wanted to know about Jewish Residential Camps. Camp Newman, Camp Tawonga, JCC Maccabi Sports Camp, Camp Ramah in Northern California, and Havaya Arts will all present their camp offerings in this short but sweet program. This event is for parents and students together. Camp representatives will remain after the program to hand out information and answer questions. Questions? Contact Sarah at Bring your friends—spread the word! **Camp Kayetz will have a separate presentation.


Kavod Café ~ Advanced Care Directive Workshop
Monday, January 27, 7:00‒8:30 PM
Have you completed an Advance Care Directive? If not, we will help you get past the speed bumps so you can get it done. Co-sponsored by Chadeish Yameinu.


How Can I Help!?! Arizona Voter Registration
Just like many of you, we see ourselves in a community where we have a voice and can exercise that voice by voting. When Eddie, the staff person at Phoenix, Arizona Jews for Justice, was asked, “What can we do from Santa Cruz to support your efforts to empower citizens and help new immigrants?” His answer was, “Help us register voters!” Arizona is a state where there are too many people who are not registered, and their voices are therefore not heard. Arizona Jews for Justice is mounting a large voter registration campaign in January and February. Their focus is the Indigenous people’s reservations as well as neighborhoods where there is low voter registration.

February 14‒16 is the time Eddie and the community can use our help. We will leave here on February 13, spend the night on the road, and arrive the next morning. We leave Arizona Sunday night and arrive back home Monday. Gus Gold is willing to drive the temple van which means that 14 of us can go together. Some of you might want to join the effort but would rather fly to Phoenix. We could meet you there. Eddie will take care of all of the arrangements and transportation while in Arizona.

Hopefully there are others who feel they can devote the days to join in this important effort to encourage others to make their voices heard! Contact Wilma Gold at (831) 345-2742 to join the effort or if you have questions.

Download this information here.

Ivan Rosenblum
    and the Music of Women’s Lives
A benefit concert for Temple Beth El
Featuring musically varied pieces drawn from classical, popular and Jewish styles. Followed by a wine and chocolate reception.

Sunday, May 3, 3:30 PM, at TBE
Click here for more information.


Fri, January 17 2020 20 Tevet 5780