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Thanks to all who attended Jewish Film Night on Saturday, May 13! We look forward to meeting again in the theater in the coming year for another program of engaging and uplifting films!

Special thanks to all the donors and sponsors who made Jewish Film Night possible!

At the present time, none of the three documentary films that were screened are available for public viewing online. Film Festival Director Paul Drescher interviewed Professor Yossi Leshem, "Israel's Birdman", on Zoom to follow up on the film WINGS of CHANGE, released in 2017, and that edited interview can be viewed using this link:

If you would like to contribute toward the next Jewish Film Night in Santa Cruz, please consider a donation to the SCJFF using this link  THANK YOU!

Paddling For Life                          Wings of Change        

 The Pink Lionesses are a women's group that trains and races Dragon Boats on the Kineret (the Sea of Galilee) and the Yarkon River, Israel. Their common bond? They are all survivors of breast cancer. Their caring and camaraderie, despite age and cultural differences, are an inspiration to live a competitive yet compassionate life.

"Israel's Birdman", a lightly religious, authoritative man with rugged Israeli charm and the persuasion skills of a salesman, is the primary defender of bird habitat in the region. Even the Israeli Air Force consults with him to protect planes, pilots, and birds. He is a groundbreaker in talks with neighbors  promoting peaceful coexistence, with the aid of barn owls as natural pest exterminators.


WAVES APART examines the history of Nazi symbols and anti-semitism in surfing. You can view the trailer here: 

Recent USC Film School grad Josh Greene was selected to present his film in the up-and-coming documentary filmmaker section at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival! Congrats, Josh, and best wishes for success in your film career!

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The SCJFF is a function of Temple Beth El and our May 13 event was sponsored by the Santa Cruz Public Libraries and donors like YOU. Donate to the Santa Cruz Jewish Film Festival here. We look forward to seeing you at future events!

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