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Temple School Policies

Health Policies
In keeping with our practice to honor and respect our differences, we encourage everyone to fully support those who choose to wear a mask.
Please do not attend Temple School if you have any cold symptoms or if you have tested positive for Covid in the last 10 days (unless you are no longer testing positive) or if you have symptoms of Covid or other illnesses. 
Even when someone is not ill, for the health and welfare of everyone we want to limit the exchange of airborne droplets. Students who come to Temple School with a runny nose, coughing, or sneezing will be required to wear a mask and may be sent home.
Our policies reflect the consistent “green” status for Santa Cruz, continuous low hospitalization rates and consultation with public health professionals and is subject to change. Check the CDC website here for more information.
In addition, our ventilation system has been upgraded to improve air quality and reduce potential for the airborne transmission of disease.
It is important that students are present for their programs for their ability to keep up with the class content and for their connection and growth in this community. If a student is going to miss a significant amount of class due to sports or other commitments please contact us so we can best support this student. We value communication and partnership!
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