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K'vod Conversations

End of Life                                                               
Most of us express the desire not to be a burden to our loved ones at the end of our life, but few of us have had the conversations that would help relieve the burden. Most of us want to die at home without suffering futile medical procedures in or out of a hospital setting, but few of us have completed an Advance Care Directive.
K’Vod Conversations offers both practical and spiritual help with end-of-life planning in keeping with our personal values and wishes. Meetings are co-sponsored with Chadeish Yameinu Jewish Renewal and will be publicized in our Lifelong Learning Brochure and weekly events email.  Our mission is for you to be empowered to take care of medical, legal and financial issues well ahead of need, allowing you the freedom to be with loved ones and to prepare for the life-death transition experience we will all eventually face. Planning for predictable steps allows more resilience in dealing with the unexpected. 
If you would like to get started without waiting for one of our meetings, or you might not be able to attend, or you just want to show up more informed, go to This website includes many useful resources presented in an easy to follow, non-threatening format. 
Holly Blue Hawkins and Rose Ashford lead this gentle and respectful series on end of life planning. Questions and to find out upcoming meeting dates, please contact Holly Blue or Rose.  
Thu, November 30 2023 17 Kislev 5784