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This page, a service of the Temple Beth El, Aptos library, highlights 
upcoming Jewish book events and provides links for further exploration.  

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Upcoming Events

Please note: The following events are, as best we can determine, free of charge unless otherwise noted. 
We recommend that you check times for your region and register in advance when possible.


DAHLIA SCHEINDLIN WITH LETTY COTTIN POGREBIN ON SHANDA: A MEMOIR OF SHAME AND SECRECY – Scholar, writer, and international political strategist Dahlia Scheindlin in conversation with Letty Cottin Pogrebin—writer, activist, and co-founding editor of Ms. magazine—about her new book, Shanda: A Memoir of Shame and Secrecy.  9 am PT


WHEN TIME STOPPED: A MEMOIR OF MY FATHER’S WAR AND WHAT REMAINS by Ariana Neumann – Of thirty-four Neumann family members, twenty-five were murdered by the Nazis. One of the survivors was Hans Neumann, who, to escape the German death net, traveled to Berlin and hid in plain sight under the Gestapo’s eyes. What Hans experienced was so unspeakable that, when he built an industrial empire in Venezuela, he couldn’t bring himself to talk about it. All his daughter Ariana knew was that something terrible had happened.–  11 am PDT


ANNA AND DR HELMY: HOW AN ARAB DOCTOR SAVED A JEWISH GIRL IN HITLER’S BERLIN – Journalist Ronen Steinke shares the remarkable story of Mohammed Helmy, the Egyptian doctor who risked his life to save Jewish Berliners from the Nazis. Steinke’s new book focuses on Helmy’s relationship with Anna, a Jewish girl whose identity he helped to hide, as well as the encounters between Jews and Weimar-era Berlin’s Muslim community. With historian Sophie Spaan – 11:00 am PT –

"Sutzkever Essential Prose," with translator Zackary Sholem Berger – brings to light for English readers the largely unknown prose of a seminal Yiddish poet, Avrom Sutzkever  – 4 pm PDT ( 7 pm EST)


EMPATHY ECONOMICS: JANET YELLEN’S REMARKABLE RISE TO POWER with author Owen Ullmann – shares the trailblazing story of US Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen – an advocate for forging prosperity for all. 12 pm PT


WAR OF SHADOWS: CODEBREAKERS, SPIES, AND THE SECRET STRUGGLE TO DRIVE THE NAZIS FROM THE MIDDLE EAST with author/historian (and UCSC alumni) Gershom Gorenberg –  Learn the true story of the Nazi plan to overrun the Middle East and the failures, accidents, and desperate triumphs that sealed the fate of the region and quite possibly the outcome of the war.  – 12 pm PDT  –

BEFORE ALL THE WORLD with author Moriel Rothman-Zecher – In 1930s Philadelphia, three souls seize new life while haunted by the old. Nestled in this wild dream of a narrative are several love stories: two men of different countries and races who find comfort in each other; a man and a woman who spark each other’s lust through intellectual play; a woman and a boy who are the only survivors of their history; a man and the daughter he will never know. Rothman-Zecher explores the impossibility of escaping trauma, the necessity of believing in a better way ahead, and the power that comes from our responsibility to the future.  4 pm PDT (7pm EDT)


CHAVA ROSENFARB'S MONTREAL with Goldie Morgenthaler – This talk will center on Yiddish writer Chava Rosenfarb’s early years in Montreal in the 1950s, the vibrant Yiddish literary world that she encountered there, and the institutions, like the Jewish Public Library, that helped to nurture her career. It will also look at the portrayal of Montreal in Rosenfarb’s fiction.  4 pm PDT (7 pm EDT)


BAD JEWS: A HISTORY OF AMERICAN JEWISH POLITICS AND IDENTITIES with author Emily Tamkin – Examine the history of the Jewish people in America and explore their ever-evolving relationship to the nation and each other. – 12 pm PT


Women’s roles across literature, culture, and the rise of feminism: 1973–2005, with Deborah Dash Moore, editor in chief of The Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization – 4 pm PDT (7 pm EDT)

How the Soviet Jew Was Made with author Sasha Senderovich – offers an interpretation of postrevolutionary Russian and Yiddish literature and film that recast the Soviet Jew as a novel cultural figure: an ambivalent character navigating between the Jewish past and Bolshevik modernity. 7 pm PDT


In the Midst of Civilized Europe: Jews and Ukraine in Times of War with author Jeffrey Veidlinger –  historical fate of Jews in Ukraine during times of war, with a focus on the pogroms of the First World War, the Holocaust, and the Russian-Ukrainian War of 2022. –  10:30 am PDT (1:30 pm EDT) –


Growing Up Jewish in India: From the Bene Israel to the Art of Siona Benjamin – offers a historical account of the primary Jewish communities of India, their synagogues, and unique customs.  7 pm PDT


Elaine Black Yoneda: Jewish Immigration, Labor Activism, and Japanese American Exclusion and Incarceration with author Rachel Schreiber – Elaine Yoneda, daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants to the United States, spent eight months in a WWII concentration camp—not in Europe, but in California. She insisted on accompanying her Japanese American husband, Karl Yoneda, and their son Tommy when they were required to go to Manzanar. Prior to WWII, Elaine had an important career in labor activism throughout the state of California, including being the only woman on the organizing committee of the 1934 General Strike in San Francisco, and extensive agricultural activism throughout the Central Valley and in Northern California. Elaine’s is a story of a Jewish Californian’s life in community activism. – 2 pm PT


Short Story Discussion: “The Man Who Sold Air in the Holy Land” by Omer Friedlander – Jim Van Buskirk will lead a discussion of Omer Friedlander’s short story “The Man Who Sold Air in the Holy Land,” winner of the 2020 Moment Magazine-Karma Foundation Short Fiction contest. The story can be read in this year’s One Bay One Book selection, Friedlander’s debut collection The Man Who Sold Air in the Holy Land – 7 pm PT

Recordings of Recent Events

What, and Who, is a Jewish Writer? with Joshua Cohen and Nicole Krauss –

From Cairo to the Cloud – The World of the Cairo Geniza tells the story of an astonishing treasure trove of ancient manuscripts hidden for centuries in the sacred storage place, or geniza, of a Cairo synagogue. available to stream: September 6-20.

The Missing Jew: poems 1976-2022 with poet Roger Kamenetz –

Author Helene Wecker and the immigrant experience told through the lives of mythical monsters. ––  children.

Sam Cohen, author of Sarahland, which brilliantly and often hilariously explores the ways in which traditional stories have failed us, both demanding and providing new origin stories for its cast of Sarahs, new ways to love the planet and those inhabiting it, and new possibilities for life itself.  JWA Quarantine(ish) Book Talks. )

Courtney Zoffness, author of Spilt Milk: Memoirs, which considers what we inherit from generations past―biologically, culturally, spiritually―and what we pass on to our children. JWA Quarantine(ish) Book Talks, 5 pm PDT (8 pm EDT)

Rachel Barenbaum, Atomic Anna, an epic adventure as three generations of women work together and travel through time to prevent the Chernobyl disaster and right the wrongs of their past.  JWA Quarantine(ish) Book Talks, 5 pm PDT (8 pm EDT)

Growing Up Jewish in India with contributor Siona Benjamin,  illustrator of the children’s book I Am Hava, a story about the world’s most famous Jewish song—as told by the song herself.   JWA Quarantine(ish) Book Talks, 5 pm PDT (8 pm EDT)

Tears Over Russia: a search for family and the legacy of Ukraine's pogroms by Lisa Brahim

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