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This page, a service of the Temple Beth El, Aptos library, highlights  upcoming Jewish book events and provides links for further exploration.   Please send suggestions and questions to

Upcoming Events

Please note: The following events are, as best we can determine, free of charge unless otherwise noted. 
We recommend that you check times for your region and register in advance when possible.

Thursday, September 21

4 pm PDT (7 pm ET) – Miriam Karpilove and the Yiddish Newspaper with Jessica Kirzane
When the young narrator of Miriam Karpilove’s A Provincial Newspaper leaves New York to work for a new Yiddish newspaper in Massachusetts, she expects to be treated with respect as a professional writer. Instead, she finds herself underpaid and overworked. In this slapstick novella, Karpilove’s narrator lampoons the gaggle of blundering publishers and editors who put her through the wringer and spit her back out again. In this talk, Kirzane will discuss Karpilove’s satire of the Yiddish newspaper workplace together with a selection of short stories Karpilove published in the Forverts in the 1930s, during her time as a staff writer at that newspaper.

5 pm PDT (8pm ET)  – Elizabeth Graver, Kantika – A dazzling Sephardic multigenerational saga, Elizabeth Graver's Kantika explores displacement, endurance, and family as home. A haunting, inspiring meditation on the tenacity of women, this lush, lyrical novel celebrates the insistence on seizing beauty and grabbing hold of one’s one and only life.

Wednesday, Septermber 27

3:30 pm PDT (6:30 ET) – Summons to Berlin: Nazi Theft and a Daughter's Quest for Justice byJoanne Intrator – On his deathbed, a New York psychiatrist’s father poses two unsettling questions: “Are you tough enough? Do they know who you are?” Author Joanne Intrator soon realizes that these haunting questions relate to a center-city Berlin building at 16 Wallstrasse that the Nazis ripped away from her family in 1938. But a decade will pass before she fully grasps why her father threw down the gauntlet as he did. Repeatedly, Intrator’s restitution quest forces her to confront her profound fears surrounding Germany and the Holocaust. LBI Executive Director Emeritus William H. Weitzer will speak with Intrator about restitution, intergenerational trauma, and the power of memoir.

Thursday, September 28

3 pm PDT (6pm ET) – I Could Nosh by Jake Cohen –  book launch with Michael Solomonov  - $10 livestream / $35 book & livestream

Thursday, October 5

4 pm PDT (7 pm ET) – Yiddish: A Global Culture – The Yiddish Book Center’s new core exhibit, Yiddish: A Global Culture, opens on October 15. Offering a rich, immersive journey into 150 years of modern Yiddish creativity, it will present treasures from the Center’s collection alongside newly donated artifacts and photographs. David Mazower, chief curator, and Lisa Newman will preview this ambitious new project and show selected highlights.

5 pm PDT (8pm ET) – Mattie Kahn, Young and Restless: the girls who sparked America's revolutions  – recounts one of the most under-appreciated forces in moments of American revolution: teenage girls. From the American Revolution through Black Lives Matter, Kahn uncovers how girls organized and lay political groundwork for movements that often sidelined them.

Tuesday, October 10

The Jewish Deli: an illustrated guide to the chosen food by Ben Nadler with Ted Merwin – If you’re hungry to explore the history of Ashkenazi comfort food, this must-attend event will surely satisfy your appetite for knowledge. $12 suggested donation.

Sunday,  October 22

2 pm PDT – The Bund: A Graphic History of Jewish Labour Resistance by Sharon Rudahl, Michael Klucker and Paul Buhle – Told in an engaging graphic novel format ... explains the oppressive origins of Jewish resistance in Ukraine, Poland, and the Pale of Settlement in Tsarist Russia. Jews adapted to industrialization and organized against exploitation. As they became more divided along the linguistic borders of Yiddish and Hebrew, splits emerged between those who sought a distant ancestral homeland, others who emigrated and adapted to the “new world,” and those who fought against murderous Soviet and Nazi regimes. Charismatic resistance figures including Pati Kremer and Bernard Goldstein kept secular and progressive ideas alive against impossible odds in this graphic account of a little-known story. The first of its kind, this graphic history of Jewish labor resistance offers an account of a radical past that can have strong implications for many today.

Recordings of Recent Events

Elizabeth Graver, Kantika – A dazzling Sephardic multigenerational saga, Elizabeth Graver's Kantika explores displacement, endurance, and family as home. A haunting, inspiring meditation on the tenacity of women, this lush, lyrical novel celebrates the insistence on seizing beauty and grabbing hold of one’s one and only life.

What, and Who, is a Jewish Writer – For many decades, American Jewish authors have tried to untangle their two identities, reckoning with both Jewishness and Americanness in their writing. Joshua Cohen and Nicole Krauss, two prominent younger novelists who have emphasized Jewish themes in their books, will discuss how these identities influence who they are as authors and how they approach their portrayals of Jewish life through these lenses.

The Paper Brigade –  "60 Mintues" feature about the Paper Brigade made up mostly of writers and intellectuals living in Vilna, whose members risked death, smuggling artwork, books and rare manuscripts, hiding them in underground bunkers during the Nazi occupation.

The Missing Jew: poems 1976-2022 with poet Roger Kamenetz –

Author Helene Wecker and the immigrant experience told through the lives of mythical monsters. ––

Sam Cohen, author of Sarahland, which brilliantly and often hilariously explores the ways in which traditional stories have failed us, both demanding and providing new origin stories for its cast of Sarahs, new ways to love the planet and those inhabiting it, and new possibilities for life itself.  JWA Quarantine(ish) Book Talks. )

Courtney Zoffness, author of Spilt Milk: Memoirs, which considers what we inherit from generations past―biologically, culturally, spiritually―and what we pass on to our children. JWA Quarantine(ish) Book Talks, 5 pm PDT (8 pm EDT)

Rachel Barenbaum, Atomic Anna, an epic adventure as three generations of women work together and travel through time to prevent the Chernobyl disaster and right the wrongs of their past.  JWA Quarantine(ish) Book Talks, 5 pm PDT (8 pm EDT)

Growing Up Jewish in India with contributor Siona Benjamin,  illustrator of the children’s book I Am Hava, a story about the world’s most famous Jewish song—as told by the song herself.   JWA Quarantine(ish) Book Talks, 5 pm PDT (8 pm EDT)

Tears Over Russia: a search for family and the legacy of Ukraine's pogroms by Lisa Brahim

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