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Our young families gather for a social and informal Shabbat singing dinner,
followed by engaging Shabbat activities for all ages.

                              Upcoming dates:
                           November 16, 2018
                              February 1, 2019

Please join us for our Shabbat program for families with young children.

5:45 PM - Vegetarian family potluck Shabbat singing dinner
6:30 PM - Fabulous engaging Shabbat activities for all ages
                  ► Family story time
                  ► Child friendly hands-on Jewish activities
7:00-7:15 PM  - The Rock Shabbat band will come to sing a few Shabbat songs!

Meet and schmooze with other Jewish families with young children at this new fun community Shabbat event.

Potlucks at TBE are kosher style. We do not serve meat and milk together and we don’t serve pork or shellfish.

The program is free and open to the public.
Please RSVP to 
Sarah Clarkson to save your place at dinner.

A special thank you to PJ Library

Sponsorship Opportunity
We have two Beth El Bim Bam events scheduled for this year. If you are interested in sponsoring our November 16th or February 1st Beth El Bim Bam events please contact Esther Herst at Sponsorship for Beth El Bim Bam is $200 for each event.

Tue, August 14 2018 3 Elul 5778