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Senior Connections

Senior Connections is events, programs, speakers, luncheons, discussions, etc., all curated by seniors and open to all.  Please check your Temple Weekly email or contact Melissa for more info. 
All ages are welcome to these informative and engaging presentations.


Previous Programs: Click to watch

Bruce Thompson Jews and the Wizard of Oz

Ed Weingold A Map of the World Book Talk

Bob Kibrick Challenges to Democracy

Ronnie Gruhn The World in Crisis

Claudia Bloom  An Afternoon of Soulful Jewish Music

Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett  on the creation of the Polin Museum in Warsaw 

Rachel Kippen, Executive Director of O'Neill Sea Odyssey Ocean Conservation in Monterey Bay: Engaging the Next Generation

K. Meira Goldberg speaks about the influence of her Jewish roots on her life in Flamenco

Tracing Your Jewish Roots at Home  with Genealogists from the Center for Jewish History, NYC

Sarah Rabkin: Quiet Activist

Carie Thompson speaks about the Land Trust of Santa Cruz

Our Soul's Journey with Shulamit Elson

Silvia Vasquez-Lavado  discusses her memoir, In The Shadow of the Mountain

Lara Love-Hardin Sharing Our Stories

Deborah Tannen on her new book Finding My Father

Rebecca Miller on Conducting

Mark Levy: Chanukah Late; 2021 None Too Soon

Gilda Zelin: Still Going

Maria Gitin; Stories From the Voting Rights Fight

Carolyn Cocciardi: Leonardo's Knot

Martha Mendoza America's Medical Supply Crisis

Sherry Halperin: Lights, Camera

Dale Atkins:Tikkun Olam and the Advantages of Aging with Kindness

Leslie Tremaine: Awakening Joy

Lee Jaffe: Nature Photography

Learn about MEET, an organization educating and empowering promising Israeli and Palestinian future leaders

Bruce Thompson:  Jerome Robbins: From Ballet to Broadway

Coeleen Kiebert: The Creative Drive at 80 Plus

Ronnie Gruhn: India and It's Critical Role on the World Stage

Dan Phillips: My Writing Process from Journal to Poem

The History of the Santa Cruz Jewish Community with George Fogelson

Emily Kingsley: The Inclusion of Disability in the Media

The Burning Light of Two Stars with Laura Davis

Performance That Heals in Bali

Tu B'Shvat: The New Year of the Trees! With Mark Levy

Myra Goodman-Quest for Eternal Sunshine

Kathleen Crocetti with an introduction by George Ow: Watsonville Brilliante - Community Arts Empowerment

Abby Ginsburg screens excerpts from her documentary films centering on Social Justice

Free Up Your Creativity with Renee Winter

Gloria Heistein- Marrying Roque

Rosemary Zumwalt: My field research as an anthropologist and folklorist

Shmuel Thaler's Photographic Tour of India

Rick and Evie Elloy Trace Their Roots Through Ukraine and Poland

Why not honor your loved ones with a donation to the Senior Connections fund and help us to continue these great programs twice a month? Senior Connections is a self-sustaining group within the Temple family. Our success is due to the support of people like you. Contributions of any amount to Senior Connections are greatly appreciated and will go toward honorariums for our speakers, film licensing dues, luncheon expenses and assistance to seniors in our Temple and in the larger community.

Fri, June 21 2024 15 Sivan 5784